Immersion Workshops

– Tailor-made Spanish immersion activities: Storytelling and Workshops in Spannish –

Our activities are carried out following all the SECURITY PROTOCOLS required by the situation.

Tailor-made English immersion workshops and activities in Cantabria 

At NewPa we are specialized in English and Spanish immersion activities. Our passion is to educate and we use languages as a tool for learning and putting other knowledge into practice. 

For schools and institutions we offer the possibility of creating activities and workshops in Spanish completely tailored to their needs.

We design our activities with a flexible schedule that makes it possible for us to adapt the contents of the activities to the needs and objectives of the school curriculum (grammar, subjects, concepts, themes). All in a playful way and focused on experiential learning.

This way, our students are able to put into practice the assimilated concepts in the classroom or to discover new ones, always in a playful way that they will not forget.


  • Interrelated workshop sessions
  • Spanish as a vehicular language
  • Realization in the countryside or in the school facilities
  • Direct contact with nature (inside and outside the classroom)
  • Adaptation to the curriculum
  • Specific workshops developed in a customized way for the center
  • Reduced work groups (Max. 10 per educator)
  • Time flexibility (full day / spaced sessions)


Talleres y actividades en inglés a medida

Some examples of activities that we do:

Bike Pedaling Electricity




Recycled Paper

Animal-Assisted Activities

Circular Economy

Teamwork Dynamics

Natural Art

Grocery Store Role Play

Cooking Time

Mushroom Monster

Nature Workshops


Musical Experience



Sewing Workshop

Hydroponic Garden

Micro Composter

Homemade Soap


Adventure Diary

Analog Photography

And more…

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